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APPEAL to UN High Commissioner for Human Rights

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“There is a higher court than the court of justice and that is the court of conscience It supercedes all other courts. ”
– Mahatma Gandhi



Editorial : An Appeal to Honourable United Nations Human Rights High Commissioner & Honourable International Court of Justice

Dear Madam / Sir ,

I have individually suffered numerous human rights violations , injustices by public servants working for government of India when I raised my voice seeking justice for my fellow countrymen . for the society. These public servants are involved in crimes like aiding & abetting terrorism , underworld , manslaughter , etc. when I appealed to the supreme court of India seeking justice , they have turned their blind eye. As a result more injustices are being committed till date. Even the police are not registering the complaint against these guilty public servants. Police & Supreme Court Judges in league with CRIMINALS , ANTI NATIONALS , TERORRISTS ?

In India , some Parliamentarians take money for even raising Questions in parliament , favorable laws / government rules are enacted to favor rich criminals (refer 2G & Nira Radia scam). Police for a price manipulate evidence , prematurely close case , fix innocent & mete out 3rd degree torture , murder in the name of encounter . Public prosecutor can change the way of argument , etc for a price. Even judges in India give favorable judicial orders for money , SEX , post retirement benefits , etc. please refer details at following web pages : , ,

I have not got justice till date , instead I have suffered physical assaults , murder attempts on me , my newspaper was illegally clamped down , my job opportunities were illegally snatched away (cutting off the source of livelihood). I have been threatened by police that I & my family members will be fixed up in criminal cases (false implication) & will be behind the bars for rest of our life. I have been refused proper medical care in government hospitals , so that I will die sooner . All these Injustices are meted out at the hands of criminal nexus of CRIMINAL – POLICE – JUDGE – BUREAUCRAT – MP / MLA .

Democracy is the best form of governance. My motherland India is one of the greatest country. However Criminals have entered into halls of parliament , criminals have become judges , criminals have become police , almost total criminalization of public service has taken place. These criminals are framing laws for the masses much against the democratic aspirations of the masses. Criminal judges are relying on these laws made by criminals & sending innocents to gallows . Criminal Police are making deals with criminals & arresting , torturing innocents.

Still very few HONEST people are left in public service – Parliament , Judiciary & Police , However they are keeping mum. My struggle is not against the government of India or it’s constitutional bodies rather it is against the corrupt people who are in those bodies . I do have whole hearted respects for the government of India & it’s constitutional bodies , But I despise the corrupt people over there in those institutions. Our system is good , many of the people working there are not good. It is struggle against those corrupt people , to save our democracy , to save our freedom.

Hereby , I do request your honourableselves Honourable United Nations Human Rights High Commissioner and Honourable International Court Of Justice , to order the Honourable Supreme Court of India , Government of India to do it’s constitutional duties properly , to safeguard the human rights of all and to provide justice in the matter. Thanking You.

Date : 15th July 2011 ……………………………..Your’s Sincerely ,
Place : Mysore , India………………………………Nagaraj . M . R .


Visit , read the petition & support by signing the petition demanding LEGAL PROSECUTION OF SPONSORERS OF TERRORISM—prosecute-the-sponsorers-…

Visit , read the petition & support by signing the

3rd DEGREE torture by POLICE

Crimes By Election Commission of India – An Appeal to Honourable Supreme Court of India

Nagaraj M R ,
Editor , SOS e – Voice For Justice & SOS e – Clarion Of Dalit ,
# LIG – 2 / 761 , HUDCO First Stage ,
Laxmikantanagar , Hebbal ,
Mysore – 570017 , INDIA .

To ,
The Honourable Supreme Court Of India ,
New Delhi.

Honourable Sir / Madam ,
Subject : Violation of people’s democratic rights by Election Commission Of India
In India , on election days it is quite common to see voters arguing with polling staff after finding their names missing from electoral list. It has happened to many prominent personalities , fate of common voters is far worse. On a whole sale scale some times names of residents of a particular by-lane or cross goes missing. Is this due to the negligence of city corporation staff / Election Commission or is it due to the connivance of local ruling politician with corporation staff who thinks that particular residents of a house or by-lane are against him and will vote to his opponent if kept in voters list ?

As per Law , Preventing a person from voting ( Ex ; Armed goons preventing Voters ) is a criminal offence . Some of these politicians & officials are so brilliant that they don’t use goons nor arms , but make the names of eligible voters to disappear from voters list . Are not officials of Election Commission of India Punishable for this criminal offense , for preventing eligible voters from casting their ballots.

See the paradox , eligible voters born & brought up in India don’t get voter’s ID Card , PDS Ration Card and must face hurdles to get a Driving License , where as Pakistani Intruders , Terrorists who have sneaked into india get Voter’s ID , PDS Ration Card , DL , etc. Shame to concerned public servants.

Take for instance my case , I have voted for first time in 1995 general election & voted in subsequent election. I have got Voter’s ID on 23.09.2002 by ECI , No. GGB 3633096 & voted in subsequent election. Afterwards my name went missing from voter’s list. Till date since 5 – 6 years I am prevented from voting in various elections for corporation , assembly , etc. I don’t even have a PDS Ration Card inspite of numerous applications. Numerous times I have submitted the details in prescribed format to the officials who came to our house & have personally handed over forms to corporation officials at the designated office. Till date I have not received Election ID Card nor PDS Ration Card. It is the birth right , natural democratic right of every Indian citizen to vote , to cast ballot in elections. Even the Apex court of the land does not have the authority to snatch this right from a citizen , how come ECI / Corporation officials can snatch my democratic right ? Are not ECI / Corporation officials guilty of criminal offense ? Hereby , I do request the Honourable Supreme Court Of India to Order ECI to include my name in the Electoral list of our constituency & to legally prosecute ECI officials for their failures.

My Details ,
Date of Birth : 22 / 07 / 1971
Present Residential Address :
Nagaraj M R ,
Editor , SOS e – Voice For Justice & SOS e – Clarion Of Dalit ,
# LIG – 2 / 761 , HUDCO First Stage ,
Laxmikantanagar , Hebbal ,
Mysore – 570017 , INDIA .

Southern Graduate Constituency Voter list details :
Registered in 2010 & Voted in 2010 Graduate constituency election , Part No . 43 Sl No. 1525 ( Not received any ID Card )

Old Voter’s ID issued on 23.09.2002 by ECI , No. GGB 3633096

My UID Aadhaar No : 5703 5339 3479

Thanking You.

Date : 29.05.2011…………………………………………….Your’s sincerely,
Place : Mysore…………………………………………………Nagaraj.M.R.

An Appeal to Shri.Sunil Thomas , Honourable Registrar (Admn) & RTI Apellate Authority , Supreme Court of India , New Delhi.

Indian Vs Chief Justice of India & Others

Complainant : Nagaraj M. R

Accused : Shri . S.H. Kapadia Honourable Chief Justice of India (Accused persons in official capacities not at individual capacities) & Others

Nagaraj .M. R.
Editor , S.O.S e-Clarion of Dalit & S.O.S e-Voice for Justice,
# LIG-2 / 761 , HUDCO First Stage, Laxmikantanagar,
Hebbal , Mysore . PIN-570017 Cell – 09341820313

To ,
Shri. Sunil Thomas ,
Honourable Registrar (Administration) / RTI Appellate Authority ,
Supreme Court of India,
New Delhi.

Honourable Sir / Madam ,
Subject : APPEAL No.300/2010
Reference : Your Letter No.F.1/RTI/A.300/2010 dated 30.07.2010

A person committing a criminal offense is a CRIMINAL. The Person who aids a criminal in his criminal act , in hiding the criminal act , in destroying the evidences of criminal act is also a CRIMINAL. The person whose duty is to prevent criminal acts from happening , who intentionally fails in his preventive duties and thereby facilitating the criminal in committing crime is also a CRIMINAL.

In this way many of our public servants including judges & police themselves are criminals , but are not prosecuted by the authorities , why ?

At the outset , we express our whole hearted respects to the honest few public servants in public service including judiciary. However, the corrupt in public service don’t deserve respect as individuals – as they are parasites in our legal system. Still we respect the chairs they occupy but not the corrupt individuals.

All the following articles / issues , whole articles published in the weblinks mentioned below forms part of this appeal. The term“JUDGE” mentioned throught includes all public servants discharging judicial functions right from taluk magistrates , quasi-judicial officers to Chief Justice of India.

Indian Legal / Judicial System is manipulated at various stages & is for sale. It is a SHAME. The persons who raise their voice seeking justice are silenced in many ways. The criminal nexus has already attempted to silence me in many ways . If anything untoward happens to me or to my family members , my dependents , Honourable Chief Justice of India together with jurisdictional police officer will be responsible for it.

Hereby, we do once again offer our conditional services to the honourable supreme court of India & other government authorities, in apprehending criminals including corrupt judges & police. Herewith , we once again appeal to the honourable supreme court of India , to consider this as a PIL Appeal in public interest.

The public servants & the government must be role models in law abiding acts , for others to emulate & follow. if a student makes a mistake it is excusable & can be corrected by the teacher. if the teacher himself makes a mistake , all his students will do the same mistake. if a thief steals , he can be caught , legally punished & reformed . if a police himself commits crime , many thieves go scot- free under his patronage. even if a police , public servant commits a crime , he can be legally prosecuted & justice can be sought by the aggrieved. just think , if a judge himself that too of apex court of the land itself commits crime – violations of RTI Act , constitutional rights & human rights of public and obstructs the public from performing their constitutional fundamental duties , what happens ? it gives a booster dose to the rich & mighty , those in power , criminals in public service to committ more crimes. that is exactly what is happenning in india. the educated public must raise to the occassion & peacefully , democratically must oppose this criminalisation of judiciary , public service. then alone , we can build a RAM RAJYA OF MAHATMA GANDHI’S DREAM.

Kindly go through the following articles & provide justice by giving complete truthful information to us , by publicly answering the following questionnaire in an unambiguous manner.

The constitution of India has prescribed certain FUNDAMENTAL DUTIES to each citizens of India. It is the duty of every citizen to protect & uphold the dignity , honour of our democratic institutions , to
protect our national integrity , to respect & protect the rights of our fellow citizens. No constitutional authority has the right to obstruct the discharge of these duties by citizens of India. No legal privileges of constitutional functionaries is superior over the FUNDAMENTAL DUTIES OF CITIZEN’S OF INDIA.
We need rights to perform our duties. Constitution of India has guaranteed those rights as FUNDAMENTAL RIGHTS to all citizens of India & by birth itself everyone of us has secured HUMAN RIGHTS as individuals. To express ourselves , we need information , data feed back , to ascertain whether we are getting equal opportunity , whether we are getting equitable justice , etc , we need information . so ,
basically Right To Information is an inalienable part of our fundamental rights & human rights. What RTI Act has done is fixed time limit , responsibilities of public servants up to certain extent. However the citizen’s fundamental right & human right to seek information extends far beyond the scope of RTI Act.
Hereby , we seek complete truthful information from supreme court of India , with respect to my RTI application appeal no : APPEAL NO. 300/2010 .. HEREBY , WE ARE ONLY SEEKING ACCOUNTABILITY OF PUBLIC SERVANTS IN PUBLIC INTEREST & JUSTICE. Hereby , we request you to register this appeal as a PIL petition & to ascertain the stand of apex court on various matters raised in my RTI Application , in public interest & equitable justice. JAI HIND. VANDE MATARAM.

Your’s sincerely,


Indian Vs Chief Justice of India & Others

Complainant : Nagaraj M. R

Accused : Shri . S.H. Kapadia Honourable Chief Justice of India (Accused persons in official capacities not at individual capacities) & Others



Honourable DG & IG of Police ,
State Police H.Q ,Bangalore.


Honourable Circle Inspector of Police,
Vijayanagar Police Station,Mysore.

Honourable Sir,
Subject : Violation of FUNDAMENTAL RIGHTS & HUMAN RIGHTS by Honourable Chief Jusice of India & H.E.Honourable President of India & other public servants
Karnataka Police are NOT registering & acting on my complaint to them dated 04.07.2009
The Vijayanagar police in mysore stated that they don’t have legal jurisdiction to book the criminals I have mentioned in the complaint & by taking a statement from me to that effect closed the case temporarily on 11.09.2010 after sitting over the complaint for years together. Is it not the duty of DG&IGP to seek the permission from home ministry to legally prosecute the alleged criminal VVIPs ? Why he was silent ? Ofcourse the lower rung police officers practically don’t have power to prosecute high & mighty ?

Hereby , I do request the DG & IG OF Police , Government of Karnataka to seek the legal sanction from union home ministry & Karnataka state home ministry , for the prosecution of below mentioned criminal VVIPs & to reopen my complaint here with.

In India , as per constitution of india all citizens are equal , have right to equal oppurtunity & equitable justice irrespective of caste , creed , religion , etc. the constitution has guaranteed these to every Indian citizen by way of CONSTITUTIONAL FUNDAMENTAL RIGHTS. Also , every humanbeing on earth has got HUMAN RIGHTS, by virtue of his / her birth.
However in india , CONSTITUTIONAL FUNCTIONARIES / PUBLIC SERVANTS have forgotten this & are acting as lords , autocrats – unquestionable public masters. CONSTITUTIONAL FUNCTIONARIES are PUBLIC SERVANTS appointed to serve the public, public are the kings of democracy , they are the taxpayers & paymasters of this very same public servants. In India , corruption has spread it’s tentacles far & wide , it has not even spared the judiciary. The last resort of commonman for seeking justice is judiciary , even there corruption has spread.In present day India , if one is rich , he can committ any type of crime & get away clean from courts of law. there are corrupt police officials who modify FIR , suppress evidences ,manipulate evidences , takes up different line of investigation , fix innocents , coughs-up false confessions from innocents by 3rd degree torture , file B report closing the case , decides not to appeal in higher court of law , etc , ALL FOR A PRICE. Just see the list of millionnaire police officials who are caught by karnataka lokayukta.
Next step , the prosecutor & defense advocate strikes a deal , manipulates evidences , manipulates way of presentation of case & way of argument favouring the rich crooks for a price , as observed in high profile BMW case involving public prosecutor IU KHAN & defense counsel RK ANAND. In this way , if corrupt police & advocates , together manipulate the due process of law , the presiding judge is left high & dry eventhough the judge is honest, he is left helpless. to add to this , when the judge himself is corrupt , people’s last hope , democracy is dead. Nowadays we are hearing too many reports of irregularities in judiciary.
our publication has filed many appeals as PUBLIC INTEREST LITIGATION before hon’ble supreme court of India but the vested interests there are not accepting it as PILs. WHAT DOES PUBLIC INTEREST LITIGATION MEANS ? ISSUES WHICH ARE OF PUBLIC CONCERN AFFECTING MANY NUMBER OF PUBLICS.
The issues raised by us for sample :
1. sale of fake medicines & adulterated food products , beverages , colas affecting the health of millions of Indians & public of importing nations who are importing the same dangerous products from india .
2. demolition , eviction of houses , lands belonging to poor dalits , tribals , backward castes by government authorities whereas regularising illegal land encroachments , illegal buildings by high & mighty people in total disregard to law. in some cases government has even made contempt of court , by defying court orders & enacting special laws all to favour rich land grabbers.
3. take the cases corporate frauds, violation of labour laws , pollution board laws , tax laws , etc by companies.
4. The reports in media about certain highly placed public servants leaking india’s defense secrets to foreign countries & some politicians , film stars attending parties hosted by anti nationals DAWOOD IBRAHIM & underworld dons in gulf countries & elsewhere. these type of appeals are for public good , national security , as public are affected by them. still supreme court of india is not considering
our repeated PIL Appeals.the courts have the authority to consider even a post card , e-mail as a PIL Appeal , the courts even have the right to initiate suo-motto action for public good , inspite of absence of any appeals / complaints. over & above this at the time of my very first appeal my income was very low & i was a retrenched factory employee who was eligible for free legal aid, even free legal aid was not given to me. Now , even to my repeated RTI Appeals the Honourable chief justice of India & H.E.Honourable President of India are not giving the requested information . these action of CJI & PRESIDENT OF INDIA is aiding high & mighty criminals , anti nationals , amounts to suppression of information , truth , evidences , which is a cognizable offence.

, ,
are you ready to catch tax thieves ? , ,
reliance industry where is accountability ? , ,
crimes at infosys campus , ,
crimes by B.D.A against a poor woman , ,
crimes of land mafia in India , ,
currency thefts in RBI Press , ,
killer colas & killer medicines of India , ,

We do have highest respect for all constitutional bodies , public servants , but it is an appeal to the honest few in public service ,to bring to book their corrupt colleagues.The Honourable Chief Justice of India & H.E.Honourable President of India have violated their oaths of office , failed in their constitutional duties , suppressed material truths / informations & thereby repeatedly violated my Constitutionally guaranteed FUNDAMENTAL RIGHTS & BASIC HUMAN RIGHTS & Obstructing me from performing constitutionally prescribed FUNDAMENTAL DUTIES AS A CITIZEN OF INDIA.
Hereby , i do request you to legally prosecute the below mentioned public servants viz
1. H.E.Honourable President of India
2. Honourable Chief Justice Of India
3. Union Home Secretary , GOI
4. Governor , Reserve Bank Of India
5. Director-General & Inspector General Of Police , government of karnataka
6. Commissioner , Bangalore Development Authority
7. Commissioner , Mysore Urban Development Authority
8. Commissioner , Mysore City Corporation
9. Labour Commissioner , government of karnataka and
10. all public servants belonging to tax dept , pollution control board , etc mentioned in the above cases with web links.
on the above mentioned charges. the whole issue of this news paper & the related materials at the weblinks provided, forms part of this complaint. If i am repeatedly called to police station or else where for the sake of investigations , the losses i do incurr as a result like loss of wages , transportation , job , etc must be borne by the government. prevoiusly the police / IB personnel repeatedly called me the complainant (sufferer of injustices) to police station for questioning , but never called the guilty culprits even once to police station for questioning , as the culprits are high & mighty . this type of one sided questioning must not be done by police or investigating agencies . if anything untoward happens to me or to my family members like loss of job , meeting with hit & run accidents , loss of lives , etc , the jurisdictional police together with above mentioned accussed public servants will be responsible for it. Even if criminal nexus levels fake charges , police file fake cases against me or my dependents to silence me , this complaint is & will be effective.
if anything untoward happens to me or my dependents , the governmentof india is liable to pay Rs. one crore as compensation to survivors of my family. if my whole family is eliminated by the criminal nexus ,then that compensation money must be donated to Indian Army Welfare Fund. afterwards , the money must be recovered by GOI as land arrears from the salary , pension , property , etc of guilty police officials , public servants & Constitutional fuctionaries. Thanking you.
Jai Hind , Vande Mataram.

Date : 18.01.2011 your’s sincerely,
Place : Mysore nagaraj.m.r.

SHAME SHAME to Corrupt Judges , Corrupt Police & Corrupt Public Servants – Indian Judicial / Legal System For Sale

The Corrupt Among Public Servants are making futile , all the sacrifices made by our forefathers , freedom fighters in securing independence from british occupiers .

Threat to India’s Independence , Freedom , National Unity & Integrity is from Corrupt Police , Corrupt Judges & Corrupt Public Servants. SHAME to those corrupt police , judges & public servants.

Recently we have seen media reports about 2G spetrum scam , land mafia , mining mafia , how a law maker of the land Home Minister of Gujarath state government himself was the master mind involved in the conspiracy of fake encounter eliminating sohrabuddin . We have also seen how senior police officers extorted money from businessmen & others by foisting false cases .

We have also seen media reports about the ROWDY BEHAVIOUR of some people’s representatives in legislative assemblies & parliament in the past & recently. The members of the house , people’s representatives themselves are making contempt of the house. These MPs , MLAs other then hiking their own salaries & perks , must first learn class room discipline punctuality , attendance , home work preparation , etc from PRIMARY SCHOOL KIDS . IT IS THE URGENT NEED OF THE HOUR .

We have also stated with relevant media reports how match fixing is done in our Indian Legal System from the stage of FIR filing , planting witneses , silencing witnesses , judgement fixing , torture in jail , etc . read articles at following websites—indian-legal-system-for-sale , , , , , , ,—right-or-wrong , , , ,

When everybody else does the mistake , wrong doing , indulges in corruption , judiciary alone must be pure like virgin to punish & guide the wrong doers. Now , the apex court of the land & the highest judicial officer of the land , the conscience keeper , protector of rights , Constitutional guardian of the land – The Honourable Chief Justice of India himself Has been found guilty . SHAME SHAME.

Nowadays , we are seeing criminalization of politics , judiciary & police. The rowdy elements have become MLAs & MPs & frequestly indulge in fisticuffs , vulgar abuses in the precincts of the house itself . These rowdy elements take money for asking questions in the parliament , to vote for bills & for a price pass legislations favouring lobbies of rich crooks. The police frame , torture innocents & let out rich crooks for a price . For a price police destroy evidences , records and create fake records , evidences. Finally there are judges who issue arrest warrants , give bail , give acquittal & pass favourable judgements ALL FOR A PRICE . SHAME SHAME . These corrupt judges , police , MPs , MLAs each take salary & perks far exceeding lakhs per annum , but serve rich crooks instead of Indian Public. These corrupt are parasites & deadlier , state enemies than naxalites , terrorists. Democracy in our country , our hard won national independence is endangered by these parasites , corrupt judges , police & people’s representatives only. These parasites themselves are responsible for origin & growth of naxalism / terrorism in india .

Hereby , we DEMAND the Honourable Chief Justice of India to answer the following questions in public interest , for national security , for National unity & integrity.


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