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Our publication has sought information as per RTI Act from MUDA , MCC & district administration about various irregularities of land allotment ,

conversions in & around mysore city. however till date MCC has not cared to reply , MUDA has only given half truths , district administration has

not given full information at all. the officials of said  authorities are putting onus of giving information on the other. thereby , the officials are

indirectly protecting land mafia . now , you are the head of all the three authorities MUDA , MCC & DISTRICT ADMINISTRATION and you are well

known for your integrity , honesty of duty . we respect you & request your kindself to publicly answer the following questions ( WHICH YOUR

OFFICIALS TRIED TO AVOID & HID ) , so that criminals will be put in the open benefitting the larger public interest. JAI HIND. VANDE


Your’s sincerely,


1. how many times since 1987 , MUDA / MCC / GOVERNMENT   has revised / modified the mysore city’s comprehensive city development plan


2. how many cases of CDP violations were registered by MUDA / MCC / GOVERNMENT  since 1987  till date ?

3. how many cases of CDP violations were legalized in the CDP revision / modification  by the authorities ?

4. when an application for alienation of land is made to you , say from civic amenity site to commercial , what norms are followed

5. how do you provide alternate civic amenity site in the locality , if the area is already full ? do you deprive people of civic amenities ?

6. during such alenation , is the MUDA / MCC / GOVERNMENT  collecting market rate difference between civic amenity site & commercial site ?

if not why ?

7. in mysore city , many building complexes , buildings have been built fully violating building bye-laws – no set off , no parking space , no

emergency fire exit , no earthquake tolerant . what action by MUDA  / MCC / GOVERNMENT ?

8. how many cases of building bye-laws violations has been registered by MUDA / MCC / GOVERNMENT  since 1987 ? what is the action

status report yearwise ?

9. how much of MUDA’s / MCC’s / GOVERNMENT’s  lands , sites , buildings & houses have been illegally occupied by criminal tresspassers

since 1987 ?

10. has the MUDA / MCC / GOVERNMENT  registered criminal cases against each such illegal occupation ? if not why ? provide status report

yearwise ?

11. in how many cases of such illegal occupation MUDA  / MCC / GOVERNMENT has legalized , regularized such illegal occupation just through

MUDA’s  / MCC’s resolution instead of of reallotting the same through public notification to the next senior most in the waiting list , after giving

notice of allotment cancellation to original allottee ? if not done so why ?

12. has the MUDA / MCC / GOVERNMENT followed all legal norms in reallotment of lands , sites , houses , etc to the illegal occupiers ? what is

the procedure followed ?

13. in mysore city , numerous housing societies & real estate developers have mushroomed , Land allotments of how many housing societies ,

real estate firms among them are legally authorized by MUDA , MCC , GOVERNMENT & how many not ? since 1987 till date ?

14. has the MUDA / MCC / GOVERNMENT  filed criminal complaints against such illegal housing societies & illegal real estate firms ? if not why


15. what action MUDA / MCC / GOVERNMENT has initiated against real estate firms & housing societies who have violated MUDA norms ,

layout plans , etc ? if not why ?

16. the government has framed building bye-laws like width of road , space for civic amenities , parking space , emergency fire exit , etc keeping

high in the mind safety of people first. MUDA / MCC / GOVERNMENT  is in the practice of levying a pittance as penalty on the building byelaw

violators , layout  Development plan violators & legalizing those violations. Safety of public & amenities of public are totally neglected by MUDA /

MCC / GOVERNMENT . When public people die , suffer injuries / accidents – say during a fire tragedy in a complex due to lack of fire exit , when

people park vehicles on pavement in front of a business complex as the complex doesn’t have a parking space of it’s own , the pedestrians going

that way are forced to come down on road resulting in accidents , injuries & deaths . is not the MUDA / MCC / GOVERNMENT  responsible for

those accidents , injuries & deaths ?

17. what is the criteria adopted by MUDA / MCC / GOVERNMENT for out of turn allotment of Lands , sites , houses to renowned sports persons ,

judges , journalists , politicians , artists , etc ?

18. how many judges , artists , politicians , journalists , sports persons , etc have benefited from these out of turn allotments by MUDA  / MCC /

GOVERNMENT ? specific figures yearwise since 1987  ?

19. what action has been taken against developers , housing societies , who have violated MUDA  / MCC / GOVERNMENT norms ?

20. when poor scheduled caste , scheduled tribe people , minority people illegally live On MUDA  / MCC / GOVERNMENT sites building

temporary huts , MUDA  / AUTHORITIES with the help of police razes down those huts & evicts the poor by brute force. Whereas , when cronies

of political bigwigs  illegally occupy MUDA , MCC / GOVERNMENT lands worth crores of rupees & build big complexes earning thousands of

rupees monthly rent , MUDA or authorities not even files police complaint against them instead regularizes the illegal occupation by levying a

pittance as fine. Why this double standard by MUDA / MCC  GOVERNMENT ?

21. HOW MANY CASES OF ILLEGAL OCCUPATIONS are regularized by MUDA  / MCC / GOVERNMENT since 1987 till date ? yearwise

figures ?

22. how much of MUDA / MCC / GOVERNMENT lands , sites , houses are under illegal occupation ? status report yearwise since 1987 ?

23. how much of those has been recovered ? has the MUDA ,AUTHORITIES recovered the rents earned by illegal occupation ?

24. have you filed police complaints against those criminals – tresspassers ? if not why ?

25. is the MUDA / MCC / GOVERNMENT giving wide publicity & sufficient time to bidders about it’s auction schedules ?

26. is the MUDA / MCC / GOVERNMENT  giving market value to  land loosers ?

27. is the MUDA / MCC / GOVERNMENT exactly using the acquired lands , for the same purpose mentioned in the project plan ?

28. is the MUDA / AUTHORITIES  acquiring lands at lower rates from farmers & selling it at a premium , by way making profits just like a real
estate agency ?

29. in villages , there are cattle grazing grounds meant for the usage of whole villagers, forest for the usage of whole village , lands belonging to

village temples. Some villagers have donated their personal lands to village temples , cattle grazing  for the benefit of whole villagers. All the

villagers are stake holders , owners of  such lands. When MUDA / MCC / GOVERNMENT  acquires such lands to whom does it  pay

compensation ? what about welfare objectives of those lands ?

30. till date , how many lakes , ponds , how many feeder canals have been closed , filled with mud , developed , sold as sites , etc by MUDA

MCC or other land developers ?

31. has the MUDA , MCC taken alternate steps to create new lakes , ponds ? how many are created till date ?

32. in & around mysore city , high tension electric lines are there in busy residential areas . as per Indian electricity act , no permanent structures

should be under the HT lines. However there are buildings under it. In some places , HT lines runs in the middle of the road. The authorities have

developed those areas beneath HT lines as parks , rented out advertisement spaces & built permanent fencing of those areas spending lakhs of

taxpayer’s money. This fencing obstructs the movement of service personnel of electricity board , to service HT line. Are all these structures under

& surrounding HT lines legal ?

33. till date how many burial grounds are acquired & sold as sites by MUDA / MCC / GOVERNMENT  or other developers ? specific figures

yearwise since 1987 castewise , religionwise ?

34. in & around mysore city  , in how many areas developed by MUDA & private developers , the sewage water generated in those
areas is directly let into lake , ponds ?

35. how many tributaries , lakes , ponds are killed in this fashion by MUDA  , MCC & other developers , housing societies ?

36. how many business complexes , flats , residential layouts developed by private real estate developers , housing societies are
dumping the sewage , / waste generated in their buildings , into unauthorized dumping grounds , lakes , etc . thus disturbing the environment &

creating public health hazard ? how the MUDA  / MCC is monitoring sewage / waste disposal ? status report yearwise since 1987 till date .

37. how many unauthorized housing layouts are there in & around mysore city ? what action by MUDA / MCC / GOVERNMENT against them ?

action taken report yearwise since 1987 till date .

38. around mysore city , vast areas of village farm lands , agricultural lands are acquired by private real estate developers for non agricultural

purposes by a single firm or single owner. Are these actions legal ? some of these real estate agents have sold those lands to private industries ,

multinational companies for crores of rupees. Has the  MUDA / MCC / GOVERNMENT given alienation of land ie conversion from agricultural to

industrial usage. Has KIADB given consent to it ?
39. can a single individual / firm can purchase such vast tracts of agricultural lands , is it legal ? is it within the KIADB’s comprehensive industrial

area development plan ?

40. has the MUDA / MCC , KIADB given wide publicity , public notice calling for objections before alienation of such lands ?

41. are all those alienations , strictly in conformance to MUDA’s  / MCC’s CDP & KIADB’s industrial area development plan ? violations how

many ?

42. is the MUDA & KIADB revising / modifying CDP & INDUSTRIAL AREA DEVELOPMENT PLAN , to suit those real estate developers  &
private companies ? on what legal grounds ?

43.what action has been taken based on mysore district magistrate mr.T.M.Vijaya Bhaskar’s  report  on land grabbings in mysore ? mysore city , hebbal-hootagalli industrial area , a lake has been destroyed while building kaynes hotel , hinkal lake is shrinking , lake in front

of BEML Quarters has been alloted to M/S THRILLER CLOTHING CO, are all these actions legal & in conformance to MUDA’s CDP ? if not why

? what action ?

45. while auctioning off the lands of sick industrial unit M/S IDEAL JAWA LTD , was there any pre-qualification to bidders that after purchase of

lands only it must be used for industrial use or only  industries can participate in the bidding process ?

46.why not it has been clearly mentioned in the tender document that , said land is open for alienation ?

47. about this issue , our publication has even raised it’s objections , in it’s newspaper . no action , why ? as a result , the government , banks ,

employees were cheated off their dues  & the private firm made huge profits. is this auction & alienation legal ?

48.numerous NGO’s , trusts promoted by religious bodies , mutts are allotted prime lands at preferrential rates , for the reason that they will use it

for public / social welfare. however many of the trusts are using the whole or part of the land for commercial purposes other than the stated public

/ social welfare purpose. what action has been taken by MUDA , MCC or government in such cases ? many trusts have violated government norms in this way since 1987 till date? what action taken by MUDA , MCC & government action

taken report yearwise since 1987 till date ? many such illegalities / violations  by trusts are regularized by MUDA , MCC or authorities , on what legal grounds ? ATR since 1987 till

date ?

51.before regularizing such violations have you sought public objections & given media publicity ? if  not why ? you are monitoring the net wealth growth of some MUDA / MCC / REVENUE officials & their family members , who have land acquisition

/ denotifying , land usage conversion authorities ?  many trusts , NGOs are allotted prime residential / commercial lands by MUDA / MCC / GOVERNMENT  on lease basis , in turn the said

trusts , NGOs have sulet it either partly or wholly to others ? many such lease allotments are sold by MUDA / MCC / GOVERNMENT before the expiry of lease period , without public auction ?

55. what are the norms followed by MUDA / MCC / GOVERNMENT for the sale of leased lands to the lessee before the expiry of lease period ?

land scam in Karnataka – an appeal to honourable supreme court of India & H.E.Honourable Governor Of Karnataka

When a crime is noticed , it is the duty of the government to investigate who did it ? and to legally prosecute them in court & provide justice . if

thousands of criminals , lakhs of criminals  got together & did the same type of crimes , all of them must be legally prosecuted. Just  for the

overwhelming numbers of criminals law of the land cann’t be changed. However  in the Karnataka state , many political bigwigs , rich crooks have

done the same crime , LAND GRABBING – illegal possession of government land & illegal constructions over it. Important land records of those

government lands , lands belonging to poor are lost in record rooms of civic bodies ( cunningly destroyed by corrupt officials ) Now, their political

masters are legalizing the crimes . what a shame to the government of Karnataka ?

The  shri.A.T. RAMA SWAMY , (M.L.A) standing committee in the legislative assembly is still probing the land grabbings in Karnataka. However

the government in a hurry , is auctioning – off  those government lands without proper publicity  to the auction process , sufficient time for bidder’s

expression of interest. In some cases , a pittance is levied as penalty for the illegal occupation to get it legalized. The government is not bothered

about legally prosecuting the illegal  occupier  of those lands. In many civic bodies , important property documents belonging to the government

& poor are missing from the record rooms. All these point towards the government intention , to legalise the crimes of  illegal land occupiers who

are nothing but their own political  cronies.

The recent ordinance by government of Karnataka to regularize land deals is envisaging to legalize the crimes of rich. The illegal land

conversions , land encroachments , encroachment of civic amenities made by the rich are being legalized with levying a pittance as penalty in the

name of public welfare . Whereas the land worth at today’s market prices are 10’s of thousands of crore it is only wefare of the rich & mighty . IT

IS GOING TO BE MOTHER OF ALL SCAMS.  The authorities evict poor tribal people from their ancestral forest area in the name of

conservation , evict tribal people from villages in the name of development without proper rehabilitation measures. The government is not giving

land rights to slum dwellers , poor , dalits over the land they are dwelling , the government is deaf to appeals of dalits for land rights. However the

same government is sympathetic to rich who have encroached land & built huge commercial complexes worth crores violating all norms with total

disregard to civic amenity or safety.

Hereby , HRW appeals to honourable supreme court of India , to annul the bid process of government of Karnataka with respect to illegally

occupied government lands &  to annul this ordinance of government of Karnataka which seeks to legalize land crimes.

THE CLOUT OF LAND MAFIA IN INDIA -the governments daring to by-pass judiciary

An appeal ( PIL ) to the honourable supreme court of India

The recent attempts by government of India & other state governments to legalise land grabbings by enacting new land laws in the name of public

welfare is farce . while crores of people are without shelter & are living on streets , people in slums , tribal lands are struggling for land rights

since decades the governments were mum & deaf. Now , as the rulers themselves & their cronies have built illegal constructions running into

crores they are shedding crocodile tears in the name of public welfare. In india, various state governments have enacted ” town municipal / city

corporation laws & building laws” , to ensure orderly growth of cities & towns , to ensure the safety of buildings & it’s occupants , to ensure the

safety of pedestrians & road users.

Numerous educated people , ruling elite – ministers , police , government officials , M.Ps , M.L.As , etc knowing fully well about the laws have

illegally built bungalows , commercial complexes , throwing to wind all laws. In their greed they have shown utter contempt towards law. They have

encroached dried –up lakes , rivulets , rain flow paths , drainages , foot paths , civic amenity sites. In their building there are violations of- lack of

fire safety exits , lack of parking space , encroachment of foot paths , conservancy line , drainages , etc.

There is wide spread corruption in the corporation / municipal authorities. For a price officials have converted  CA sites to commercial purposes

, authorised deviations / encroachments of public

lands like foot paths , drainages , parking space , set-off , etc. The corporation officials themselves are violating city master plans. Even before

authorising the conversions & encroachments of lands , the

corporation officials are not making alternate arrangements. By all these corrupt deeds many of the corporation officilas have become

millionaires . however more & more road accidents are taking place , building collapses & fire tragedies are occurring , during heavy rainfalls

water is getting  clogged – ALL THESE RESULTING IN LOSS OF HUMAN LIVE & PROPERTIES. In recent days numerous murders have taken



protecting the PIL applicant & upholding the law has taken sides with the land grabbers.

The state governments of karnataka & delhi has got M.L.As & officials who have themselves violated building laws & grabbed govt lands. Now ,

the two govts are contemplating to bring in laws regularising these land grabbing crimes for a pittance as penalty. All to by-pass judiciary. The

governments are least bothered about the lives of poor & only too caring towards the land grabbing criminals.  The same governments have not

yet given land rights to poor slum dwellers / dalits , land rights to tribals living in forest since centuries , land rights to poor agricultural labourers,

where as it is full of concern towards rich & mighty land grabbers – criminals.  Bottom line – whatever be the magnitude of crime if you are rich &

mighty law will be bended to suit you , by bad luck if you are a poor folk you are bound to suffer being on the right side of law also.  Hereby ,

HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH urges requests the honourable supreme court of india , to register this as a PIL , to provide protection to the PIL

applicant in bangalore & to take appropriate actions against the GOK & GOD nipping at bud their illegal motives to regularise land grabbings.


During the auction of above sick industry the land usage was for industrial purpose only. so, people with other commercial objectives were not

allowed to participate in the auction. Thereby, the final auctioned amount was very much less than the market value. This has a direct bearing on

employees of that industry , lending banks , govt dept , etc who have all put forward their claims for dues from that industry. noW, all of them are

getting very much less than what is due from the closed company. A loss of crores of rupees to banks , government , employees has been made

by the cunningness of civic bodies.

Now in a backdoor move the M.U.D.A , K.I.A.D.B , M.C.C are moving to give land usage conversion to the new occupier, who is building posh

villas & resorts here. Is it right & justified ? should not they conduct auction once again or charge market value to the new owner.


The land mafia which has links with political leadership & top govt servants in the state, is running business widely in & around bangalore,mysore

& other major towns. The authorities like city corporation , B.D.A, M.U.D.A , K.I.A.D.B , etc are denotifying the lands meant for public welfare in

favour of land mafia. The authorities have earmarked these lands for public welfare ie parks , schools , hospitals at the planning stage itself for

current & future needs of the people. In most cases the land mafia has illegally occupied the lands , built commercial complexes & sold it for

crores of rupees.

1. the authorities are not demolishing these illegal structures & prosecuting the occupiers.

2. In some cases the authorities are denotifying , regularizing those illegal occupations by levying a pittance as penalty which is very much less

than the market value.

3. In some cases for example a notified site for school is alloted to an educational trust. They build 2 rooms in 25% of the site & state that this is

free school meant for weaker sections. After a year or two , they state before the authority that to run this school they need funds. So they are

planning to build commercial complexes around the school site & by the rent collected from shops they will run the school. In this manner sites

meant for schools , hospitals , temples & other social organisations apply for conversion of land usage & use major portion of the land for

commercial purposes.

Hereby , HRW urges the govt of karnataka & other authorities ,

1. to clearly demarcate the govt lands & announce it boldly to the public.

2. To clearly demarcate lands meant for public amenities both for current & future usage.

3. To clearly demarcate lands required for town planning say 20 years down the line.

4. To clearly mention in such plans the purpose it is reserved for ie parks , hospitals , schools , etc.

5. To impartially act against illegal occupiers – rich or poor.

6. Say while denotifying a land meant for school an alternate land for school must be incorporated in the original plan.

7. Before denotification public objections must be called for & considered responsibly.

8. After denotification the land must be sold at the market rate not the govt rate.

9. In case of land usage conversion also the objections from the public must be called for & considered responsibly.

10. After land usage conversion an alternate land must be incorporated in the plan for the original use.

11. In case of land usage conversion also the occupier must be charged at the market value.

12. To declare annually the property details of all officials with denotifying / land usage conversion authorities together with details of their family

member’s properties with provision for public scrutiny, cross checking.

13. To ruthlessly prosecute the corrupt officials & ministers.

14. To make public the report of past district magistrate mysore mr. T.M. VIJAYA BHASKAR about illegal land dealings in & around mysore.

Also the action taken report.


Different political parties are trading charges against each other about illegalities in the mysore-bangalore expressway project. Grave mistakes

have been committed by the previous state governments. The saving grace is judiciary has taken note of it. The fundamental principle behind

land acquisitions by the governments is to use that acquired lands for public welfare. As the govt acquires the land with this noble intentions even

the land looser contents himself with compensation at govt rate. Always the govt rate is much below market value. If at all the govt wants to give

out that acquired land to a private party for private use or for the use of a selected few, the govt must give prevailing market rate to the land

looser. In such cases the govt does not have authority to force the land owner to sell his property.

In this mysore-bangalore 4 lane expressway project, following inconsistencies are there,

1.   this road is not for free public use, but only for those who pays the toll fees.

2.   The luxurious resorts , townships , etc which are to be built alongside this road are not open for free public usage but only for the rich who can

afford it.

3.   The govt has concluded this deal in a hush-hush manner.

4.   Any disputes raised by this project should be addressed to international arbiter at london which a poor land owner or general public can


5.   The govt has not paid the prevailing market value to the land loosers.

6.   The govt has not given the option to land owners not to sell their property.

7.      This whole project is for rich , built by the rich for the rich & not meant for public welfare.

The govt must give back the lands to the owners who wants it back & must pay the market value to those willing to sell. As this project is built by

wealthy people for wealthy people why cann’t they cough- up market value?


The B.D.A flouts it’s own rules & spreads red carpet for big land developers & land grabbers. B.D.A posting is a huge money spinner for corrupt

officials. The corrupt B.D.A officials work hand in glove with criminal elements & rowdies. They illegally evict genuine allottees who are poor &

without any connections from allotted prime lands & sell-off those prime land to the highest bidder of bribe. The poor fellow is re-alloted lands in

backward areas & in some cases left in the lurch.

Now , take the following case. Mr. S.D. chandrashekaraiah a poor old man aged around 80 years was allotted with house no.185, kumaraswamy

lay-out, first block, bangalore in 1978 vide letter no.

310/267/BDA/ADM/KMRSL(H)/78-79 dt 11/08/1978.

The chairman of B.D.A has allotted the built house on lease cum sale basis. The poor old man mr. S.D.chandrashekaraiah complied with all the

rules & in accordance with it even deposited 25% of the house cost in B.D.A’S account. However when he went over to his allotted house for

residing in it, he found out some rowdy elements were already residing there. He complained about this matter to the legal owner of the house ie

B.D.A . the B.D.A officials didn’t take steps to evict the illegal encroachers nor did they make any complaint to the police. His appeals to B.D.A,

chief minister of karnataka , etc fell on deaf ears. Hurt by this gross injustice & mounting financial burdens the poor old man died.

Subsequently, the poor man’s daughter smt. Nagalakshmi who was also very poor , appealed to the B.D.A authorities once again , to evict illegal

encroachers from her father’s allotted house. This time the corrupt B.D.A officials played a different game. They showed her a vacant house,

gave her oral instructions to live in that vacant house & told her that they will regularise it in due course. The hapless poor woman took huge loans

& repaired the house fit for occupation.  Just before she was to occupy that house , corrupt B.D.A officials once again planted rowdy elements in

that house. Once again the poor woman was cheated. She lost her house, on top of it her loan burden mounted.

Till date, that poor woman is suffering from these gross injustices of B.D.A . SHAMELESS B.D.A OFFICIALS who take thousands of rupees

salary & perks every month, all at the expense of tax-payer has not even cared to rectify the injustice. Thereby, they are violating the poor

woman’s fundamental & human rights.

Hereby, HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH urges the honourable chief minister of karnataka, honourable lokayuktha for karnataka , honourable chairman

national human rights commission , honourable chairman national commission for women & honourable chairman state commission for women

karnataka, to take the appropriate action & to speedily provide justice to this poor woman.

citizens of india vs supreme court of india

Dear Madam / Sir ,

Hereby , I am producing cases of human rights violations in India , by the Indian police , Indian judges & Indian public servants. Our publication e –

Voice Of Human Rights Watch is struggling against the double standards of Indian police & Indian judiciary , in a democratic manner. Will you

lend your support to this struggle ?

Read full text of the article : Citizens Of India Vs Supreme Court Of India at following web pages : , ,
, ,, ,

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